Title: Unphased
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: G
Warnings/Genre: gen
Spoilers: none
Length: 301 words
Summary: Ianto's had a bit of an accident, but it's all in a day's work at Torchwood


"Owen, why is that weevil dragging itself across the floor?" Jack asked warily. The weevil in question took a swipe at thin air and a can of repellent spray appeared to propel it in the direction of the cells and out of sight.
"Ianto got covered in a load of alien gunk, wouldn't let me check him over until he'd finished his jobs." Owen replied, dumping a clanking bag on top of an old pizza box he was cultivating on his desk.
"And that explains the magical floating weevil how exactly?" Jack asked, striding across the floor and nearly colliding with Gwen who could barely see over the very large box in her arms.
"The alien stuff turned Ianto invisible," she informed him, "A vat of it exploded and Ianto got drenched in the crossfire."

The door from the cells opened and they all turned to look, even though there was nothing to see.
"Ianto!" Jack yelled, in what he hoped was the right direction, "Medical, now! There could have been anything in that stuff."
"Nah, shower first," said Owen, "I took some samples which I can analyse while he tries to get the stuff off."

"I am still here you know," said Ianto's disembodied voice, "despite apparent evidence to the contrary." Gwen jumped as the box was lifted out of her hands and carried off to Tosh's desk. Even though they all knew Ianto was the one carrying it, it was still disconcerting to watch.
"Are you going for that shower," Jack called after him, but the only reply he got was the opening of the door that led in that direction.

"No following." Owen warned him.
"I wasn't going to," Jack said in mock outrage. "Nothing to see anyway!" he added cheekily and went to rummage in Gwen's box.
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