While I am waiting for the yarn to arrive for my first design that has been accepted by a magazine (Knit Now, a new British magazine focussing on accessories - I've just about stopped bouncing off the walls), I thought I would take photos of my WIPs.

Cerus Scarf

I've had the wool for this for ages and not known what to do with it. Then I found a pattern that was designed with it in mind and realised that although it was simple, nothing else would suit the yarn so well. I'm alternating between a grey shade and a brown shade, two rows of each. I find it fascinating how the stripes form differently at opposite ends.

Bob and Weave Socks

I always like to have a big, medium and small project on the go at once, preferably with a range of complexity so that whatever I feel like knitting I don't have an excuse to start something new (because then nothing would get finished!) This is my travel project, the one that is small enough to take to knit on the train when I visit my parents and small enough to fit in my work bag so that I can go straight to the new craft group I've found (well found once the helpful lady walking her dog confirmed that if I carried on climbing the hill it was hiding behind all the trees and I would find it eventually).

The pattern comes from Toe Up Socks in a Box, which I think is a great idea. All the patterns are on little cards and there are also cards for things like turning the heel (which I almost always manage to mess up). This means that I don't have to carry a huge book around with me if I just want to check what I'm supposed to be doing.

Lady's Sweater

I love this yarn. It's hand-dyed BFL from The Yarn Yard who always has gorgeous colours (that I can never get to look as good on camera as they do in person) and this is really softy and squishy (as BFL always is). I had nearly decided on Audrey in Unst but then I got Issue 35 of the Knitter and really liked the unusual neckline of this. It's working up fairly quickly and the only trousers I could find in a 10 mile radius that vaguely fitted happen to have pinstripes that are almost exactly the same colour, which is convenient because I don't have that many other clothes that they will go with.
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I love the way the shades in the scarf go together.

Grandma told you about you having article accepted for the magazine. I'll look forward to seeing a photo when you've knitted it.

One of the major frustrations of my life is that I haven't been able to knit for the last nine months because of tennis elbow. I've got some lovely projects just waiting to go, wool and pattern already chosen.


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