Last week Issue 4 of Knit Now Magazine came out and there is a pattern I designed in it :D.

Photo © Practical Publishing

Nexus hat and mittens are covered in intertwining cables and are really snugly making them perfect for cold weather (as can be seen by the fact they appear in a few other pictures in the magazine - the photoshoot was clearly freezing!) They come in three size: child's, women's and men's and you can always use the small instructions for the decreases but cast on a larger number to make a shorter hat.

A few mistakes cropped up when the magazine converted from the chart I sent into their preferred style so check Ravelry for the corrected charts soon.

In a few months I will be making the pattern available for download on Ravelry with full written instructions as well as the charts.
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From: [personal profile] watervole

I'm contemplating hat design, but I'm thinking more along floppy beret lines.

Still, I need to finish Sylvia's socks first.

THe elbow has improved to the point where I can do about 8 rounds a day, which may not sound a lot, but is a heck of a sight better than a few months ago.
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From: [personal profile] watervole

The yarn sounds lovely. What's the odds on you finishing your pair before I finish the ones for Grandma...

I'm onto the second one now, but I still have to be careful I don't overdo it.


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